Verbree International

Promoting sustainable livelihoods, diversifying coping mechanisms, thereby installing hope.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By mutual consent, the founders, officers, and directors agreed to dissolve Verbree International as a non-profit public charity. We determined that operating as a public charity under IRS section 501(c)(3) regulations is not the best model for the nature and type of work we intend to be involved going forward. In accordance with IRS regulations for dissolution, we donated all remaining organizational funds to World Vision International - Burkina Faso, West Africa for agricultural development work, the purpose for which they were raised.

Dave and Cheryl Verbree may continue to use their expertise and experience to assist other organizations and individuals engaged in development work on a pro-bono or contractual basis. The Verbree International name may continue to be used for these efforts but it will no longer consist of a Board of Directors or operate as a tax-exempt non-profit. This gives the Verbrees greater flexibility on how, when, and where they engage in development work.

For more information on how the Verbrees might assist you with, please see the About page.